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How to organize Food Delivery Services - Idowaz

How to Organize Food Delivery Services

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How to organize Food Delivery Services is one of the most challenging tasks on its own. When organizing a food delivery service, two key conditions must be met at the right level:  

  1. Developing the cooking technology
  2. Finding customers.

In this case, it does not matter where the external production will be located. There would be good access roads nearby.

All you need is just the –

  • Business plan.
  • External production
  • Menu.
  • Products.
  • Staff.
  • Transport.

The instruction manual needs to follow.

  • Write a Business Plan

Some entrepreneurs ignore this step. They don’t write business plans. But it is recommended to not follow this by experts.

Trying to launch a project at a “practical” level condemns fruitless investments.

First of all, a business plan helps answer questions that will later go a long way in promoting and finding customers.

How to Organize Food Delivery Services - Idowaz
How to Organize Food Delivery Services – Idowaz

Second, it forces you to reconsider the financial model if it turns out that your costs are too high, and the project in this form is not profitable.

Third, the business plan replaces the corporate budget for the first time.

  • Rent a room

It is better not to be a cafe or restaurant, which, as a rule, has a rather high cost of square meters, but, for example, a dining room in a company.

Also, don’t rent a room that wasn’t previously associated with food production. The reason is a serious investment in its renovation.

As for the area required – it depends on what you are going to offer.  

For production with a full cycle kitchen (making dishes from raw products), approximately 50 to 70 m².

If your company specializes in the preparation of dishes from semi-finished products with a high degree of preparation, the area can be reduced by half.

Remember to place all the necessary number of sinks etc.

  • Obtain Regulatory Approval

It is always suggestible to start with a technologist who will replace the leader in your case with the experts.

The menu shouldn’t be big, but it should have specialties. They signify positions that belong to you.

Offer pizza and 10-15 dishes of Italian cuisine or sushi, buns, and vegetable salads, which are suitable for eating with chopsticks, etc. Idowaz is the appropriate example of this.

  • Practice Technology

Draw technical and technological maps. If you follow the letter of the law, you are required to register them, because your activities do not fall under the sale of dishes at the place of production.

Reality leaves its mark: half of the companies involved in delivering food, at their own risk, omit the clause on the need to register.

Organize Food Delivery Services

Managing your presence on multiple delivery platforms can quickly become time-consuming, with order management software you could control everything from a single screen.

This would avoid command errors and update your menus only once, instead of making changes on different platforms.

Also, your stocks would be better managed and you would not have any unpleasant surprises.

With such a solution, you stay focused on your core business: satisfying all gourmets!

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