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We have been told it since our earliest childhood: “You must not leave in the morning on an empty stomach!” Before we go where to buy your favorite breakfast food online.

You must know why breakfast is important. Right? but, in the morning, it’s complicated. Breakfast would even be the most important meal of the day.

Already, you have to get up. Stealing 10 minutes from the duvet seems really hard.

And as soon as you are up, everything activates very quickly.

Getting ready, getting the kids up, and taking the dog out, not to mention the clothes we forgot to prepare the day before, multiple tasks need to be done.

We, therefore, leave in the morning without having charged our batteries, and our body gives us back this neglect.

In the middle of the morning, lack of energy, difficulty concentrating, stress, the urge to snack to alleviate this discomfort. So let’s take a break, sit comfortably and take stock.

We can also prepare breakfast in the evening. Set the table, take out the food stored at room temperature (bread, muesli, chocolate, cereals, fruit, etc.) so that only fresh products (dairy products) are taken out in the morning.

buy your favorite breakfast food online
buy your favorite breakfast food online – Idowaz

Then set the alarm clock a quarter of an hour earlier. Getting up will not be more difficult, and fifteen more minutes in the morning will allow you to have a quick breakfast.

It will also allow you to wake up your body and mind well before you leave.

Generally, the answer comes that I don’t feel hungry in the morning. No need to store calories that you won’t need at night and that will automatically be stored as fat.

At night, you just need food that will allow your cells to regenerate while you sleep.

In addition, eating light in the evening avoids overloading the stomach, leaving room for breakfast in the morning, which will then be welcome.

Even though breakfast is important, it doesn’t have to be a constraint. Don’t force yourself to swallow things you don’t like.

There is only one solution to arouse your appetite and make breakfast a pleasant moment: indulge yourself! Eat what you like, be greedy!

How is it possible?

Let’s take an example: when the media announces an oil strike, everyone rushes to the gas stations to refuel in order to avoid a breakdown.

Our body reacts in exactly the same way. If we deprive it of caloric intake, that is to say of fuel, it will, to anticipate these deprivations, have the reflex to store fat.

Therefore, distributing meals throughout the day regulates calorie intake, provides a constant feeling of fullness, and does not encourage the body to store fat.

Because obesity in children is known to be most likely to persist into adulthood, it is essential that good habits be developed in the early years.

Get your children used to the pleasure of having a good breakfast before going to school or nursery.

Their health will only improve, as will their concentration, and their general well-being.

Breakfast all depends on what you feel like eating. It might be bread with jam, butter, pastries. Some people prefer high protein like eggs and milk.

The answer is simple: again, eat what you want and what is good for you.

The only thing that matters is that your breakfast gives you pleasure, satiety, and balance.

So what is a good breakfast?

In the morning, we need the energy to start the day, feel good about ourselves and be in a good mood.

Breakfast should be filling in order to give you all the energy that will keep you going until lunch and be balanced to give your body everything it needs to function well.

Before we start to buy your favorite breakfast food online you must know that a good breakfast is composed of the three macronutrients (proteins, fats, and carbohydrates), vitamins, and trace elements.


Carbohydrates provide energy. These are commonly referred to as sugars. But be careful to distinguish between:

– Natural sugars and refined sugars:

While the natural sugars and unrefined carbohydrates in fruits, vegetables, and whole grains provide us with vitamins, minerals, and fibers, refined carbohydrates (white sugar, fruit juice, etc.) are harmful to our health.

Thus, it is better to eat a whole fresh fruit, not squeezed, than to drink a glass of industrial fruit juice. Likewise, wholemeal bread, rich in fiber, is preferable to white bread.

– Slow sugars and fast sugars:

The slow sugars contained in white bread, jam, and chocolate cause the blood glucose level to rise rapidly, leading to a peak in energy.

However, this effect is short-lived. Very quickly, the body reacts by asking for sugar again. It’s the 11-hour low, even Hypoglycemia.


Proteins have a satiating effect and help to slow down the process of assimilating sugars.

They are therefore important in combating the mid-morning “slump” by prolonging the effect of carbohydrates taken for breakfast.

As they keep you fuller for longer, the urge to eat for the rest of the day is reduced.

This is how protein intake in the morning would also aid weight loss.

For breakfast, you can take eggs, chicken breast, cottage cheese but you can also find vegetable proteins in soybeans, spirulina, almonds, or even seeds (sesame, poppy, chia).

Thus, taking 150 g of cottage cheese in the morning with 60 g of hexagon muesli provides you with approximately 20 g of protein. This represents 40% of the RDI (for a moderately active 60 kg person).


Although long pointed out as responsible for overweight or cardiovascular problems, lipids have important roles in our body.

Vitamins and trace elements.

Finally, do not neglect the vitamins and trace elements that are mainly found in fresh fruits.

Choose seasonal, untreated fruits and eat them whole rather than in juice to preserve the fiber they contain. The fruits are contained in mueslis and cereal bars.

It’s true, some people never eat breakfast. And nutritionists increasingly agree that the latter is not a requirement.

Forcing ourselves to eat when we are not hungry can even be a mistake. It is recommended to respect your own biological rhythm and the needs of your body. In this, we are all different.

If you are hungry, then eat and if you are not hungry, then do not eat. Yes, but be careful! It is still recommended to eat a regular diet and not wait for hypoglycemia to rush for food.

Now the question comes where to buy your favorite breakfast food online if don’t get time to make it in the morning.

There are multiple websites but Idowaz gives you the best option in this category. You can order your favorite meal in the early morning as well while getting ready.

More important you get food with nutrients at your doorstep. Idowaz not just delivers the food but also gives you the surety of ingredients. So now you can get the meal with nutrients without worry.

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