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Benefits of Using the Mobile App for Your Restaurant

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Smartphones are taking an increasingly important place in our lives.

The terms of mobility, instantaneity, geolocation, and online shopping are concepts that we expect to find in today’s commerce.

80% of internet connections are made on a smartphone, hence the importance of having a responsive website, or even better, a mobile application.

Idowaz - Benefits of Using the Mobile App for Your Restaurant
Benefits of Using the Mobile App for Your Restaurant

Benefits of Using the Mobile App for Your Restaurant:

  • Offer the pre-order for delivery or take-out.
  • Retain your customers and reward them.
  • Improve your image.
  • Communicate directly with your customers.
  • Vary your content.

Now let’s talk in brief about all these benefits.

Offer the pre-order for delivery or take-out.

For most of your customers, the length of the lunch break is limited, so why make them wait unnecessarily in front of your establishment?

An app will allow them to quietly discover your menu, order, and even pay. They will only have to come and get their meal as soon as it is ready or at an agreed time or to have it delivered.

For you, it’s more orders, therefore more turnover. For your customers, it’s less waiting and faster service.

Retain your customers and reward them.

Your customers love what you prepare for them and let you know by coming to see you regularly.

Remember to thank them by offering them a loyalty card and rewarding them with a dish, a dessert, or a discount.

Improve your image.

Creating a brand is one thing that takes time and is what you do every day as you cook and prepare delicious little meals.

You also spend time responding to your customers on Facebook and Twitter, posting photos on Instagram.

Having your own mobile app is also part of this job. It is a permanent bond that you create with your customers even when you are not there and they will become your ambassadors by showing and sharing the app with their friends.

Unlike a website, an app is always in your pocket and can be accessed in a fraction of a second.

In addition, the application gives a more serious and dynamic appearance in the eyes of your customers. It shows that you are modern, innovative, and in tune with changing consumption patterns.

Communicate directly with your customers.

Thanks to Push notifications (this little alert message that is displayed on the mobile even if the app is not launched), you can inform your customers of special offers, your new dishes, exceptional closing.

Unlike SMS, sending push notifications is free for smartphones, iPhones, or Android.

In addition, you can give access to your pages on social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or even the possibility of leaving comments, from your application.

Idowaz takes this concern very seriously. They listen to their customers.

Having a mobile application can therefore be a strength, a way to retain your customers because it allows you to have a permanent link with them.

Vary your content.

Take the opportunity to vary your content. Indeed although this is an extension of the website, don’t just duplicate it.

Add various and varied information to it. For example, you can communicate about your new dishes, reveal the chef’s recipes, highlight your team and their know-how.

Question your regulars to find out what they like the most, or even ask your community what they would like to have more!

Having a mobile application has therefore become an important choice for your strategy.

In addition to the points presented above, the application allows you to reach a new category of customers who could have found your application and who out of curiosity would have consulted it; and not to miss the digital mark.

There is a huge list of companies that uses mobile apps for their restaurents or delivery services like Urbanspoon, Zomato, Idowaz, and so on…

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