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Things you should know before you ride any Taxi

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If you are willing to go out then there are few “Things you should know before you ride any taxi”. A Taxi Ride can be pleasant or awful and you never can predict it.

So we cannot let this just happen. So make sure you follow the given instruction for a better ride before it goes nightmare.

  • Be confident: – So whenever you get ready for Cab Ride, never look confused because the next person might read your face.

You should always be confident. It should seem that you are a regular traveler and you know everything.

Cunning drivers always look forward to finding such people. So accordingly they make a trap.

So make sure you are not nervous and always keep looking outside to check whether he is following the correct path or not.

  • Must be aware of your destination and timings: – Before you Ride the Taxi, make sure you have checked the location and how much time probably it takes.

The best way is to turn on your GPS (Global Positioning System) and have look in between on Google Map.

If you do so then the culprit driver won’t have any courage to take a long route or deserted area.

If the driver says that it might take a long time then just check on your Google map and check the traffic option.

There are some changes to have traffic on the way, so better to find an alternate path rather than ask the driver for any other option.  

  • Make sure you use Licensed Taxi: – Almost all over the world has Taxi Services now. So just make sure you Book Your Ride from Licensed Taxi Services like Idowaz, Ola, Uber, etc.

These are Trustworthy Taxi Services. However, if you need to get an unlicensed taxi then we suggest not travel alone especially when you are drunk.

Take a photo of the taxi’s number and share it with the nearest known person. In case of any mishappening happens he/she is available immediately to you.

  • Always remove Your Belongings First: – Generally, Cab Drivers drive for full-time shifts. And they pick and drop numerous people from one location to another location.

Sometimes they just move forward before you take out your belongings with you even if he is a generous person. I believe that nobody wants to have such a nightmare.

So make sure you put your belongings out first or ask the driver to stop for a while so you can take out your stuff.

  • Do not Board a Taxi before Agreeing on your Fare: – Sometimes you need to move on an urgent basis and can’t wait for a taxi to come.

You just see random Local Taxis and think to hire them. So before you ride make sure you both are agreeing on your fare.

Actually, it often happens to the foreigners when they don’t fix the Ride Cost.

Local drivers can easily find if he is local or outer. So to get rid of such type of experience make sure you fix the ride price.

Always keep alternate options: If you are in hurry and need to go for Long Ride then make sure you have some alternates.

Multiple things can happen on the way e.g. tire can be punctured, can meet with an accident, the cab can be damaged, the driver can have some emergency to go somewhere, etc. Numerous things can happen.

So in this scenario, you should always have some alternates like, if cab gets punctured then you cannot wait for the whole time so better to find public transport.

If your taxi gets damaged then ask him to arrange a new cab for you or hire a new cab immediately without losing time.

If the driver gets any emergency to leave you on the way then ask him to drop you at the nearest Bus Stop, Railway Station, or Taxi Stand.

These are the “Things you should know before you ride any taxi’ before you go out. These things won’t protect you 100 % but surely will reduce the chances to get into trouble. 

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