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The Rise of Online Food Ordering

The Rise of Online Food Ordering

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The Rise of Online Food Ordering is succeeding in urban areas and large cities. It has become a phenomenon on the rise and in great demand in recent years.

An option that, if well implemented in our restaurant, can generate added value and above all, bring us interesting benefits.

The delivery business goes up and up. One of the latest reports on this sector announced that the delivery service significantly boosted the fast-food market.

In general terms, the sector specifically collected profit compared to the previous year, and an upward trend expected than this year.

The growth has a very positive impact on the restaurant market, especially in fast food establishments.

The Rise of Online Food Ordering
The Rise of Online Food Ordering

Although it is true that home delivery of food is especially associated with this sector (especially with pizza and burger restaurants, whose demand increased).

The truth is that new brands appear on the scene with more selective food orders -prepared and healthy- that make food delivery no longer exclusively synonymous with fast food.

Let us consider that this impulse of the food delivery service comes from the hand of platforms such as Idowaz, Zomato, Uber Eats, Swiggy, etc, which reached a growth in increasing order.

The Growth of Online Ordering and Food Delivery is happening cause of

  • The Changing Habits.
  • The Internet.
  • Mobile Revolution.

Speed ​​and comfort are the main reasons why people order at home, but there are other conditions that have really favored the delivery market to experience a good moment.

The digital transformation, the appearance of the internet world, and the mobile revolution make the needs of users evolve and new forms of consumption appear.

The online world, in addition to being the best and most visible showcase for locals, is the way they look for us the most.

The gastronomic offer has never been closer to customers than through the internet.

Hence, offering the food delivery service in this way is currently the most feasible. Telephone ordering is declining in favor of online ordering.

  • The widespread use of mobile.

According to the new survey, 18% of people who order food delivery do so on the go via mobile, on the go, on the way home, or on the way to any other destination such as work, university, etc.). Idowaz uses the app for running its food delivery services.

  • Digital transformation and the technological revolution.

The incidence of new technologies and the “Digital Restaurant” concept, which is what it tends towards, is increasingly prepared to incorporate a delivery service that is fully controlled and managed by technological tools.

On the other hand, the proliferation of apps, Big Data, or geolocation has also revolutionized consumption habits and user demand.

Just think about the great advances for the future that is already here. Voice assistants (Alexa) to place orders and robots that bring food to your home (such as autonomous vehicles) are not something from another galaxy.

With these data, surely you are already thinking about it. Delivery in your restaurant is an added value if you do it right.

By launching food delivery at home, you expand your radius of action, being able to reach a larger target.

So much so that you can increase results by no less than 30%.

It is a really interesting service that you can incorporate, but not without first asking yourself that would you be the consumer if you were a user? This is all about the rise of Online Food Ordering services.

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