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Benefits of Sharing a Ride

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An Idowaz initiative, Ride-sharing demand is increasing day by day over the years. The concept of ride-sharing is accepted worldwide. If we talk about statistics of sharing a ride, in 2014, 1.1 million rides were being requested every week.

Surprisingly, it is projected to grow at a CAGR of 16.6% from $85.5 Billion in 2021 to $185.1 by 2026. One can easily see the upcoming demands in the ride-sharing field.

But the question is why does such huge demand increase hypothetically? So today we will talk about the benefits of ride-sharing and some interesting facts about it.

There are multiple companies like Ola, Uber, Idowaz who have tough competitors and have given a huge amount of concentration to such a concept under ride-booking systems through apps and websites.

Why people chose ride-sharing over the other options?

  • It is Economical: – Yes, there is no doubt that you can ride into the car almost with the same price you pay for a public transport. And most importantly, a person don’t need to worry about the seat confirmation.

As in India, you barely get seats to sit while traveling in public transport and private taxis hurt the bank balance a lot. Therefore if a person chooses to book a ride and if he/she shares a ride with other on the way passengers then most of the time such companies like Idowaz encourage ride-sharing.

And gives you instant discounts and even multiple cashback offers either on a weekly routine or on the festivals so that people can travel to their work or loved ones effortlessly.

And if you become a regular customer of such companies and opt for rideshare through such platforms over other options they might give that person a fixed discount for all the daily rides happening on sharing basis which is of great value.

  • Navigation option: – If you are using a ride-sharing app then you can track the vehicle over the phone. You can easily see the approximate time of reaching and even check the other passengers with whom you are sharing the ride.

Nobody can cheat you on the ride cost at least, because you would be paying them as per your KM ride which is quite secure to rely on than a private taxi or public transports.

Because all the information will be on the app like:

  1. Where do you want to go?
  2. Who has put his/her vehicle for sharing and which path would he choose to reach the destination?
  3. Who is the driver/owner of the car who would share his vehicle for rideshare?
  4. What is his/her previous track record?
  5. What are reviews he/she attained for recent rideshare?
  • Professional and Insured drivers: – You get professional and insured drivers for riding through ride-sharing services. Generally, people are mature enough and those who want to keep themselves stayed in line and keep on sharing rides through their car saving his/her and other money then definitely they while keeping their vehicle and vehicle papers up to date.

This is also doubled checked by the App Company like Idowaz as they understand its the brand (Company) which would be recognized and not the driver personally.

People tend to trust the company and hire them for rides only on the basis of their goodwill.

  • Have multiple options of choices: – Rider can choose any choice of vehicle as per their need. They can ask and check for a availability of Sedan, Mini car, Microcar, hatchback.

Not only this, they can schedules the pickup as well. You will get instant confirmations when your ride is confirmed. It is simple, fast, and affordable.

  • Review and feedback system: – Before you hire any user from ride-sharing service. You have choice to read and know the previous experience of riders with that specific driver that you are thinking to choose from.
  • Safety features: – All the users who use apps for rideshare tend to have an option of SOS visible on each major screen of the app like Idowaz, which is a great safety feature.

And whenever anyone gets under a problem then their concern regarding safety when meeting with an accident or any mishap then the users can use SOS and auto call the nearby police/ hospitals.

Whichever is the nearest help, they will assist you regarding the same. It means you can travel hassle-free through a ride-share.

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