You are currently viewing How to Overcome Major Supply Chain Logistics Challenges
How to Overcome Major Supply Chain Logistics Challenges

How to Overcome Major Supply Chain Logistics Challenges

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The role of logistics in the Indian economy is quickly gaining more significance than in the past couple of decades.

This blog will help you to understand “How to Overcome Major Supply Chain Logistics Challenges”.

Today, the logistics sector in India makes up about 10% of the industry. With the current contribution, it is majorly for the e-commerce industry.

Logistics companies also help with the storage and packaging. It is time time-bound delivery service of the products, that deliver right at the customer’s doorstep.

Even with the landmarks achieved, there are still quite a few snags that the logistics companies in India are familiar with.

An hours-worth delay in reaching the right medicine to the facility may lead to dangerous consequences.

While failing to deliver high-value goods as per the client’s schedule may cause a loss to both parties that can’t even imagine.

When we speak of logistics, everything is time-bound.

By the time we reach the delivery stage, there will be a delay of days because of a few hours of downtime.
Every logistics organization wants to achieve the same target: reducing the time for a supply cycle by streamlining processes efficiently.

However, this does not always go according to the book and is to be expected. 

How to tackle Supply Chain Logistics Challenges:

From minor setbacks to acts of God delaying the entire procedure, logistics revolves around one concept, which is ETA(Estimated Time of Arrival).

Companies like Idowaz follow this technique from the first day. So make assure that you have a separate timeline for setting an ETA before transporting things.

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