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How to bring more traffic to your blog - Idowaz

How to bring more traffic to your blog

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In this article, I will introduce you to the methods that can help to find How to bring more traffic to your blog.

Before we move to such a question, a fundamental question:

Why start a business blog?

A blog allows you to give your opinion on a subject of which you claim to have the expertise.

This constitutes a kind of asset and library of articles on which Internet users tend to consult if they ever find themselves in a problem which only you can answer as you know the same.

According to experts, businesses that regularly write blog posts tend to attract more traffic than the ones that do this seldom.

Thus, an interesting article with quality content and engaging the reader’s interest can drive traffic to your website and in turn, increase sales and income opportunities.

So how do you have a quality blog that always generates more traffic?

How to generate traffic?

  • Identify a market and a precise target.

More often than not, you decide to start a blog to generate more traffic and earn more income.

There are different ways to generate income with your blogs, such as the sale of service (coaching advice, etc.), the sale of products, the rental of mailing lists, and the display of advertising (e.g. ADSENSE).

But for this to work, it is essential to position yourself in a specific market and to define a clear editorial line for your publications: articles, videos, podcasts, etc.

 How to bring more traffic to your blog - Idowaz
How to bring more traffic to your blog – Idowaz

Identify the personas (typical customer profiles) who may be interested in your articles and products.

  1. So it’s important to ask yourself: who is your ideal customer?
  2. What type of client do you provide a concrete solution to?
  3. What type of client would be willing to pay for your expertise, your advice?
  • Be strategic about the style of your content.

Offer an approach that sets you apart from your competition.

If you want to increase traffic to your blog, the best thing you can do is create the “best and unique” content like Idowaz.

The most successful content is that which meets a specific need. Think about your target and think about what they like.

Regarding the style of the content, communicate using a medium suited to your publication: Image, video, podcast. Create things that people want to read, watch and share!

It’s also important to use quality images to accompany the blog posts which would be or are being posted.

First of all, the images help even a layman to better understand the subject at hand and to grasp complex concepts.

Plus, just like with text, images can be optimized to make your content appear in search results.

  •  Produce rich content to generate more traffic.

Studies show that long content performs better on search engines than short posts.

Producing lengthy content on a blog means that you have to write in-depth articles on a particular topic.

There are several reasons for this:

Longer articles will naturally be richer in keywords and therefore better referenced.

A detailed and in-depth article is more likely to satisfy readers who discover it.

The post will better meet the expectations of your visitors and therefore your article will be more likely to be shared via social media or other blog posts that have cited you and included your link (backlinks). This will have a direct impact on your traffic.

How to bring more traffic to your blog?

  • Optimize the natural referencing (SEO) of your articles.

To create an optimized blog post, you need to define an ideal keyword or key phrase that will be the common thread of your post.

An ideal keyword should be relevant. In order to choose the best keyword or keyword phrase, you can use the Google Trends tool which will give you a trend of the number of searches performed in Google using the phrase you have chosen.

Here are some good practices:

  • Your blog post title – H1 Tag – must contain your keyword / keyword phrase and accurately describe your topic
  • Headers and filenames should also be rich keyword.
  • Your content should be structured and include your keywords in several places in your article.
  • Keywords must be contained in the URL of each message.

In addition, backlinks (links to other publications) also help propel your content and generate more traffic.

Getting backlinks often involves reaching out to other bloggers and asking them to include a link to your content in their posts or conduct an article exchange.

However, be careful, to systematically obtain quality links so as not to damage the position of your blog/website in search engines.

The backlinks can also be natural and follow good referencing especially on social networks.

  • Be present on Social Networks.

Social networks such as Facebook, Linked In, and Instagram allow Internet users to learn, exchange and relay information.

Posting your blog posts on social media allows you to promote yourself and increase your visibility.

Social networks are also a place of exchange and interaction with your existing customers or prospects who will be able to share your posts.

Finally, the presence of your blog posts on social networks will help you generate more traffic to your blog and ultimately your website.

  • Encourage user engagement.

Actively encourage your readers to share your blog posts. This will allow you to:

Generate more traffic to your articles. Send positive “signals” to search engines about the popularity and the quality of your posts.

  • Use paid referencing.

The so-called SEA (Search Engine Advertising) strategy consists of buying keywords from Google’s advertising network, Google AdWords in order to be present on the first page of results above the natural results.

This paid SEO method is useful when you are starting your blog or business for selling.

It helps to promote your blog which is not well referenced yet. SEA, therefore, makes it possible to gain more visibility and more quickly.

  • Use sponsored publication.

Sponsored publication allows you to highlight your blog articles mainly used on social networks: Facebook, Linked In, or Twitter.

Sponsored publishing is a real customer acquisition channel.

Indeed, a sponsored publication will always be visible (depending on the selected target) and highlighted throughout the duration of your campaign.

It’s a simple way to showcase your content and generate more traffic to your blog by reaching a larger target with a budget to invest. This is all about How to bring more traffic to your blog.

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