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All About the Home Cleaning Services

All About the Home Cleaning Services

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Home Cleaning Service does not come only in the cleaning and dusting services. There are other multiple services as well they offer. Today, we will talk all about the Home Cleaning Services.

Common Cleaning Operation

A cleaning company primarily offers routine cleaning operations. They thus bring together a number of basic services, to name a few:

  • Floor cleaning and wall maintenance.
  • The aspiration of rubbish and dirt.
  • Dusting of furniture.
  • Light fixtures, and various screens.
  • Emptying bins and replacing bags.
  • Disinfection and cleaning of sanitary facilities.
  • Supply and installation of soap and toilet paper.
  • Cleaning and maintenance of air ducts.
  • The closing of windows and premises at specific times.
  • Lights Out.

The equipment used depends on specific and regular services and thus ranges from the most classic such as vacuum cleaners and rags to the most specialized such as specific brushes and automatic scrubbers.

The performance of these operations defines in specifications.

Restoration Cleaning Operation

More and more cleaning companies now offer restoration cleaning operations.

As its name suggests, its objective is to restore a place, room, or piece of furniture to a better condition, as close as possible to its original condition.

After deterioration over time, or following an unexpected event, such as flooding, water damage, vandalism, or fire.

All about the Home Cleaning Services
All about the Home Cleaning Services

In most cases, the work cannot be carried out as part of a conventional service, because it requires special equipment.

Restoration Cleaning Operation also includes the cleaning and disposal of material residues or the restoration of floors and walls and glass surfaces.

You should know that this service is also requested for the cleaning of a party, reception or wedding room.

Occasional Cleaning Operation

Occasional Cleaning or Punctual cleaning occurs at a specific time, in an exceptional manner.

The contract therefore only covers various services and well-defined maintenance services between the customer and the cleaning company, for a limited period.

It concerns, among other things.

  • The cleaning of a swimming pool.
  • The carpet shampoo service.
  • The high-pressure cleaning.
  • The cleaning of a car park or a terrace.
  • The cleaning of the ceiling, some glass surfaces, or windows.

Given the specificity of the service, it would therefore be preferable to directly contact professionals with appropriate training.

It should also be noted that this type of service is generally more expensive than a traditional cleaning service.

Consult the site directory to find a qualified professional in the field of cleaning like Idowaz.

Industrial Cleaning Operation

The cleaning agent helps to keep the premises entrusted to him clean and in good working order.

He carries out the cleaning operations of surfaces and installations. This agent must ensure that on a daily basis, everything is clean and well maintained.

So that the company’s staff can work in good conditions. This trade is also known as Premises and surface cleaner, surface technician, industrial cleaner, maintenance, and cleaning agent.

The maintenance worker cleans, dust, washes, sanitizes professional venues. He is a cleaning professional and must therefore carry it out according to specific “guidelines”, he very often follows specifications to which he must comply.

It performs large-scale maintenance. Also, it makes offices and spaces clean, healthy, and pleasant to occupy.

He also takes care of the floors, furniture, windows, supplies, etc. He empties the bins and baskets and evacuates common waste so that it does not accumulate in the workplace.

He checks the state of cleanliness before and after his intervention to see if there is additional work to be done, for example, after cleaning the floor someone passed right after and dirty it.

The cleaning agent uses specialized professional cleaning equipment: manual or electronic sweepers, steam cleaner, multi-directional polisher.

He may be required to operate high-performance cleaning machines: high-pressure cleaners, polishers, etc.

He must then ensure that he masters the use of his equipment so that the results following its use are optimized.

The maintenance of hospital buildings, food factories, offices requires different techniques and equipment. This is everything you need to know about Home Cleaning Services.

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